Solving a Wicked Problem: Failure as a Learning Mode

The educational system is a very complex and long-lasting institution, and it doesn’t respond quickly to societal changes.  As a result, it faces many wicked problems that are difficult to solve.  One such problem is failure, as illustrated in this infographic I created:

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Throughout this semester, I have collaborated with my Think Tank (CEP 812 classmates Cody Bernard and Julie Rigling) to explore the problems with how failure is used in schools today, and to consider how emerging technologies, the TPACK model, and recently published research can inform a solution.  We have developed a three-pronged approach to solving the problem of failure in schools.  This will require widespread changes in the way institutions, educators, and students think and act.  In the white paper embedded below, you can read more about our solution, which involves turning failure into a learning mode by helping students developing self-assessment skills, educators utilizing student-centered pedagogies such as Problem Based Learning, and schools re-thinking their grading systems.  After reading the white paper, I hope you will be inspired to bring change to the institutions in which you participate!



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