Day 5: My Classroom

2014-09-05 09.40.12

I’m a couple days behind on my posts in this 30-day challenge, but I’m going to try to catch up today!  Here’s a picture of my classroom, as it looked on Friday.  I’m lucky to have a large room, with both a “classroom” area and a “lab” area. Our school was rebuilt about 10-12 years ago, and everything still feels pretty nice and new.  As long as I’ve taught there, we’ve had 7 desktop computers in each science room – one for each lab group.  And you can see in the front left, I’ve got a cart of Chromebooks right now!  One thing I really don’t like is how inflexible the space is.  The desks and lab tables are not great for collaboration, and the desks really only work in the traditional row arrangement you see here.  I’d love to have some cozier spaces, or at least desks that can be moved to accommodate groupwork or lab tables that groups of students can actually gather around as they work together!


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