Goals for 2014-2015 (Reflective Teaching Challenge, Day 1)

Today I’ve been challenged to share some of my goals for the school year.  I usually struggle with big-picture goals – I prefer to-do lists (which maybe explains why I can get bogged down in details and forget the big picture).  So here’s a list of some things I’d love to accomplish this year.  Some of these are very achievable, others are maybe more dreams than goals or to-do items!  It will be great to re-evaluate these mid-year and then again at the end of the year to see how much progress I can make.

AP Chem

  • Survive!
  • Use the Chromebooks in class
  • Make changes to our curriculum in areas where it needs to better-match the revised AP Chem curriculum (particle pictures, inquiry) and our new textbook (Masterton & Hurley)
  • Do new inquiry labs
  • Make or find screencasts for the big topics
  • Learn how to not procrastinate on grading lab notebooks so I don’t have to drag them between home and school.  Figure out how to do them digitally?

Honors Chem

  • Keep our Google Site updated
  • Use the Chromebooks in my classroom
  • Make a Form or quiz for students to fill out after watching each screencast
  • Move towards Standards Based Grading?
  • Revise semester 1 curriculum so that it’s friendlier to self paced / mastery that I did second semester last year
  • Revise semester 2 homework grading – reflection, student choice

Instructional Tech Coaching 

(This section of goals is very loose because it depends how the other ITCs and I shape the vision for this role in our district)

  • Create a comfortable and inspiring space for teachers to collaborate
  • Support teachers in our #ChromebookCrew (Spanish, Health, World Studies, English 9, Math) – revise a MINIMUM of 3 activities to use the Chromebooks
    • Find Health teachers out there who teach 1:1 or digitally rich curriculum
    • Meet with them regularly
  • Build relationships with teachers in every department
  • Help teachers become motivated to move up the pencil
  • Figure out how to manage my time in this job, where my time is not bounded by bell ringing every 50 minutes
  • Figure out Google Classroom and Hapara Teacher Dashboard – which works better for what?
  • Collect data
  • Get more teachers to use Twitter to expand their PLNs
  • Help teachers become comfortable using GAFE to support and plan for instruction
  • Plan to start a liaison program for next year – a group of teachers to focus on. Application process

Professional Development / PLN

  • Take the MOOC on Ed Tech (September-October)
  • Take CEP 811 & CEP 812 to finish my Ed Tech Certificate (October-May)
  • Apply to become a Google Certified Trainer (November)
  • Attend ISTE
  • Attend an EdCamp
  • Blog more
  • Participate on Twitter regularly

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