Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes: A new school year!

I’m about 2 weeks into the school year, and I’m definitely in that start-of-the-school-year-fog. Every blissful summer, I forget how busy, sleep deprived, and exhausted I can feel during the first few weeks of school.  

It feels a bit more foggy and busy for me this year, because I’ve got a lot of exciting professional changes!  I’m still at the same school, and still teaching 2 sections of honors chemistry, but I am also teaching a new prep (AP Chemistry).  And in addition to teaching those 3 classes, I get to spend about 3 periods a day as an instructional technology coach.  (It’s amazing that we finally have a brand new team of tech coaches in the district who are there to support teachers as they transform their teaching in light of the new technology that is available to them and their students.  And I get to be a part of it!)  I’m very excited that I get to keep a foot in the teacher world and step into the instructional tech world.  But I’m still trying to find a rhythm that will work to keep me balanced and enable me to do both jobs well.  

I think this is the perfect time for me to take on a challenge like the Reflective Teaching challenge.  Although though I don’t feel like I have time to blog, I think making time to reflect each day is essential if I’m going to become a better teacher and tech coach. So stay tuned in September as I try to post every day! I encourage you to join the challenge, too!  Thanks to Beth Leidolf from my school for creating this challenge.


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