Networked Learning Project Part 1: Making a Maxi Skirt

As the weather has finally started to warm up this spring, I’ve found myself frequently browsing the racks at my favorite clothing stores in search of some sundresses and maxi skirts to wear on warm days.  Unfortunately I’m realizing that the particular combination of shape, fabric, and cost I’m searching for is hard to find.  Actually, I often find shopping frustrating and wish I could just sew my own clothes in the specific colors and sizes I want.  A few years ago, I convinced my mom I was serious about this, so she bought me a sewing machine.  As these dreams often go, of course, that sewing machine is currently collecting dust in my closet. 


Luckily for my sewing machine, the Networked Learning Project for my CEP 810 course is about to rescue it from the dust bunnies!  I have been challenged to learn how to do something using only YouTube and online help forums.  I’ve decided to learn how to make maxi skirts (as shown in the picture) using only online resources.  I haven’t actually sewed anything since I made pajama pants in middle school.  And even then, I was using a pattern I purchased at the store and had the extensive help of my mom (who, if I’m being honest, did at least 90% of the sewing).  I also have never sewed with stretchy knit fabric before, and it seems that it requires some different techniques.

 I’ve done a little preliminary research and found a few links to sites that I think will be helpful:

  1. Video: DIY Maxi Skirt tutorial, ThreadBanger
  2. How to Make a Maxi Skirt, Wikihow
  3. Video: How to Sew Knits and Stretch Fabrics, smarmyclothes
  4. Sewing Knit Fabric on Regular Sewing Machine, Tilly & the Buttons

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for updates.  I appreciate your encouraging comments!


Photo Source:

Carina. (2011, April 11). Floral maxi skirt [Photograph]. Retrieved from  Made available under Creative Commons Licence.


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