Blog-Reader Extraordinaire

Google Reader Stats

I think should win some kind of award for Most Faithful Blog Reader Ever.  Reader currently tells me that I’ve read a total of 144,265 items since January 9, 2007.  During the school year, one of the highlights of my week is Saturday morning, when I can sit on my couch with my iPad and a steaming cup of coffee and catch up on my blogs. Seeing “400 unread items” gets my heart beating a little faster.  And when the number of unread items gets way up there, I’m not good at just clicking “mark all as read” and moving on …I feel compelled to give all of those posts a chance to catch my eye, since someone obviously felt they were worth writing, and I don’t want to miss out!

So in March, when I heard the news that Google Reader was shutting down, I almost cried.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to survive. I mean that almost literally.

Once I picked my teary self up off the floor (and discovered Feedly, my new, beautiful RSS-drug of choice), I realized that even if I stopped reading blogs, nobody would notice.  Even though I am a faithful blog-reader, I’m just a lurker — I haven’t yet jumped into the conversation.  But after 6 years of reading blogs, and being a high school chemistry teacher for about as long, I think it’s about time for me to join in.

I certainly don’t feel like I am a master teacher.  I still make lots of mistakes, have seasons of high and low motivation, and learn so much about myself and the craft of teaching every year.

The Birth of this Blog

But I’m beginning to realize maybe those are things worth sharing.  I’ve gleaned much encouragement and tips from other bloggers  I need their little encouragement to try new things, rather than recycling what worked last year.

And I have a mix of professional interests that I love thinking and talking about: educational technology, chemistry,  flipped learning, the Living by Chemistry curriculum, inquiry, NGSS, STEM, mobile learning (one to one technology programs), student research, peer instruction, group dynamics in student lab groups, iPad apps, …. I could go on and on!

This blog is a place where you can find tales of my experiences in these areas.  I hope to provide you with the same encouragement and influx of ideas that I’ve received from my favorite bloggers, and perhaps the motivation to try something new or to share your own ideas!

So, Google Reader: may you rest in peace.  And thanks for giving me the motivation to get started!


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